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I’m jumping back into iphoneography once more! It is so nice to finally have flowers and trees at their greenest…makes me happy…only problem is the darn rain! Could it just stop already?! But it is time to move on to some cheerful photos!




A. got a bike for his 3rd birthday!!
He can’t ride it just yet but he is surely trying!



These two are form Thursday morning.
I have come to realize that I love to snap photos of flowers and clouds with my iPhone the best…


Thursday was a bad day for me.
It is seriously not easy, at all, to take care of two little boys who love to be at their loudest, a barking dog and flying toys all while nursing a migraine!

Called Ty and told him I was getting a migraine and needed him to come help me with the boys…
A few hours later he walks in the door with bags full of groceries and these beauties!

Isn’t he awesome!?

Just…how do you care for orchids?!


I honestly love this photo!!
Silly me…wearing A.’s Lightning McQueen hat!

I dare say I am the cool mom in town!

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