{Journey Gym} Fitness challenge: Update

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I just came back from walking Scratch and man am I sore!! I worked out on my Journey Gym yesterday morning and I can still feel it! Right now, as I type, I can feel my triceps hurting! And as I walked with Scratch I could feel my upper leg muscles (like the bicep femoris, hehehe makes me feel smart saying it!). So rest assured that working out with the Journey Gym does, in fact, work!

I was going to work out downstairs but it was taken by the boys…that’s what happens when mommy sleeps in! I usually move the coffee table and put the CD in the PS3 and workout in the living room. But today I decided to take my Journey Gym and my laptop upstairs. I worked out in my bedroom, between our King size bed, our dresser and the bathroom door! Super easy!! Next thing you know I’ll be working out in our back yard on a bright sunny day while watching the video on my laptop! And a jug of freshly made lemonade will be waiting for me…

The 20 minute video is my favorite! Take a look at it and see for yourself how easy and fast paced working out with the Journey Gym can be!



Total Circuit Strength from journey gym on Vimeo.


OK, I lied. There is one specific exercise I can not do for the life of me: T-pushup. I can barely do a pushup let alone do one, turn sideways and lift my arm up to a T! I’ll have to cheat on this one and try to do a pushup on my knees. And I still have to learn how to breathe!

I haven’t worked out to a video before except the P90X one which feels so impersonal to me. All the guy does is show off his muscles and talk to his team. Whether on the Journey Gym videos the trainers talks directly to you! Amy Jo (10 minute trainer) will say ‘good job’ all the time and giving small tips on how to do each exercise, i.e., focus on the muscle you are working out. Glen Baggerly, aka the Bowflex Guy, will give you words of encouragement: ‘do the best you can’ and ‘don’t stop, slow down’. He will also show alternate ways to do some of the exercises.

Journey Gym is currently working on a great feature on their website. Ina few days you’ll be able to visit their site and create your very own video! 😀 You’ll have a great selection of exercises and you’ll be able to mix them up and create the circuit training that suits you best!

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