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So much to do, so little time! I have review to write and I have drawers to clean. Closets to pack…walls to patch. Stove to clean. Oven to clean. AAAAAAHHHHHH!! I feel like running away from the stove! Darn thing takes forever to clean! Lots of baking soda, water and elbow grease…24 hours later, still not 100% clean!

We are still looking for houses. House we find, house somebody snatches away. We’ve found a very few houses we loved but called 5 minutes too late. Argh…I am currently waiting for a reply to an email I sent yesterday. I might end up calling them during lunch. So stressful!!

Did I mention I have to clean my stove?

I have been so overwhelmed with the boys, the blog, reviews, working out, the house, house hunting, life itself that I have forgotten to share a lot of stuff with you guys!

Like…a few weeks ago A. got so sick he threw up several times all over his bed. His pillow got dirty so I gave him one of my pillows which just happened to be full of shredded latex…BIG MISTAKE!



Tyler was upstairs working in the loft while I edited some pictures for a review when I hear him call me. I got a bit frustrated since I really needed to get it done…then he said ‘I don’t think you want to come here’ so of course I went upstairs…to find a mess! A room full of shredded latex, all over the place and on everything! A. was gracious enough to share the pillow fillings with his brother and there some in his crib!!

Took us 2 hours to vacuum…with 2 vacuums!! I threw the pillow away. Had to.

Friday grandma came over after work and A. did this cool jump off a kitchen stool that J. had to try it out…to only fall down between 2 stools! His head went down like a ball in a pinball machine! His upper lip and gums bled like crazy. J. cried so much and was so scared! All I could do was hold him tight and try to calm him down. I ended crying with him…

He kept getting hurt on the same spot all over the weekend. More blood and more crying.

Today is Monday and I have so much to do!! It’s not even noon and I am already going crazy!! I did manage to get 20 minutes off for my workout!! Which reminds me, don’t forget to enter my Journey Gym giveaway!

Phew…made it. Gotta go. I have chocolate chip cookies (with RUM) in the oven!! Yeah, I did say rum, great vanilla extract substitute!!

  • Heather Speaks
    June 7, 2011

    i’ve had those types of days…
    love the pic with the blurred kid…

  • Krista
    June 8, 2011

    Oh, no! What was his excuse for the pillow? Did it do it all on it’s own?

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    July 3, 2011

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