And I am back!

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You know that feeling you get when you are back home after a long trip? It feels good! And I am so happy to be back home! And to sleep in my bed…and lounge on what is left of our couch (poor thing is falling apart)!

So where did we go? Wednesday we headed north to visit family and friends! Good times!! Though we didn’t do much….but it was fun to visit.

Tyler left to Bellingham early Tuesday since two of our friends, Steve and Oralie, were about to meet their little baby girl (who is such a cutie with a super cute button nose, who is a perfect mix of mommy and daddy…all this said out loud in my head…like an excited little girl, yei!) but she came to our world before Tyler could make it there!

So, Wednesday we headed up with Grandma. As soon as we made it to Jon’s house (Ty’s older younger brother) we all got ready to head to Amanda’s wedding (step sister in law). Man was that an interesting evening. Never been to a Mormon wedding, doubt I will do it again. (I’ll post about this later in the week…it deserves a post of its self).

There was no food there so we went to Chihuahuas for dinner…during which Scratch figured out how to get out of the yard! We did find him though!

While in Bellingham we went to a park and a playground and we visited Steve and Oralie and their little one….and we came back Saturday with a super cranky J. in the backseat!

It was fun, and it feels nice to be back home!