Lets talk religion

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This might be one of the very few times you’ll ever hear me talk about religion. It always creates conflict between different points of view. It might even be worse than talking about politics.

As you might remember from my post yeserday, last Wednesday we attended a mormon wedding. It was something. Amanda, the beautiful bride, decorated the place beautifuly. It was sort of shabby chic and vintage, totally loved it!! I would have taken every single centerpiece home (they were all different)! Lovely decor.

We were supposed to be there at 6pm and were surprised to find out we were the first ones to be there, aside from the bride’s mom. The wedding was held in a Mormon church in Vancouver, BC and tons of the guest invited to the ring ceremony were not even allowed in. But whatever. I only wanted a reason to go back to BC, you know? But, I’ll have to go back some other day.

So we got there and sat at a corner. Took over 3 tables! We were having fun. At least the little kids and I were having fun!! Imagine 4 boys running around (close to our tables) and making forts out of the chairs while I snapped my camera!


{C., Grandama, and A.}

{I. and J.}


It took forever for everybody to appear. So all we could do was talk among us and well, being such a technological world, play with our toys! I caught almost all of them playing with their phones!! Hehehe….gotta share…



Two hours passed and the ceremony began. I honestly know nothing about mormons. Whenever mentioned all that comes to my mind is that show Sister Wives (which I have never and never will watch). I could learn a bit about them but my opinion is not based on what they believe but how they treated us all non-mormons.

I am Catholic and I have never heard anyone dissing on others for not being Catholic. I’ve never seen or known anyone who has looked down at people who did not share our beliefs. We are true to what we were taught and true to what lies in our heart. I know that for every 100 good people there has to be at least 5 sour grapes that want to rain on everyone’s parade.

So the wedding started well, besides the whole staring at us. But it just went downhill from there. The president, I think that is what they are called, so correct me if I am wrong, made the whole ceremony about him. Yup. He went on and on about how awesome he was and how they should all try to live up to his standards and try to be more like him. Seriously? The ceremony was supposed to be about Kyle and Amanda, not you!

But that was not enough for him, oh no. I was too busy trying to keep both the older boys from running around that I did not get to hear a lot of what was said, nor did I care to be honest. But later we started talking about how this guy started dissing us and making mean remarks. Next thing you’ll know he would have been spitting at us.

I truly dislike people like that. I could say hate, but hate, at least in my book, means that I am giving way more thought and energy into something that is worthless and deserves nothing from me.

I dislike people who think they are the sh*t and go about their lives putting others down because they are not like them or don’t belong to the same church. So what if I am Catholic? So what if I don’t go to church like I was told I should? Or read the Bible? So what?!

Does that make me less of a person? Does that make me unworthy? Does that mean God doesn’t love me? Doesn’t care about me and my family? Does that mean I am doomed?

I don’t think so. Just like he had the freedom to choose to be who he is and believe whatever he believes in, so do I. I am proud to have been raised Catholic. With its ups and downs and crazy people (that every religion has a load of them) I love being Catholic. It has made me who I am. And I love myself.

So, next time, don’t waste your unkind words on those who are not there to listen. We were at the wedding to celebrate Amanda’s union to Kyle, not to be pissed on by some egotistical dude.

And like I said, I have nothing against mormons. You are who you are. I am who I am and there’s nothing you could say to make me convert just as much as there’s nothing I could say to make you convert, right?

So, lets live our lives in peace. Be who you are and leave what I believe in alone. I am perfect the way I am.

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