Is there a doggie Heaven?

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Meet Kira, my little baby girl. French Poodle mini toy and Maltese mix. But don’t be confused, she might look like a curly Maltese but man does she have the poodle temperament! But we still love her loads!

I got her from a friend in middle school. She used to be my baby but then started following my mom since they were always together. She has been through so much. She used to have a tumor in her tummy. We thought she was never going to breed. But she did! She had 4 beautiful babies and we kept the littlest of them. Her name is Kamchatka but we call her Kami (or Kamchatka Federica when she gets in trouble!).

Too stinking smart for her own good. I once had a wild bird, Gordo, and she was so jealous she pretended to have an ear infection! Best thing is, she never had one before but acted so well! We ven though about getting her into acting. Bad temper, remember?

I really miss her. I wish I could have dognapped her and brought her home with me. Lately she has been so sick. She has suffered from epilepsia for a few years. Some are cause naturally some others thanks to her acting skills. Her tummy tumor is back but it is all over her now. She can’t use her leg. She is moody and grouchy and won’t even let my mom touch her. This means she is in pain.

Today we all say goodbye to my little baby girl. Today she will be put down to rest. But we all know it is for the best. She will finally be pain free and happy. If there is a doggie Heaven I am sure she will jump through the meadows like a bunny like she used to do when she was a little puppy! She will have her favorite meal, hot dogs. She will be able to eat chocolate without getting sick. And she will have a lot of friends that will keep her happy and give her company.


{Kira and Kami; mommy & daughter}

Kiralina, I will miss you so much!! Don’t you ever forget that we all love you to pieces even though you can be a cranky ol’ lady!
Be happy. Feel happy. And never forget about us! Cause one thing is for sure, we will never forget you.
You entered our hearts almost 13 years ago. And you will never leave.

Thanks for all the memories and love!
I love you!

There is a doggie Heaven, right?

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  • Heather
    June 14, 2011

    Ah, I’m sorry Sofia! 🙁 Doggies are like family members, not really pets. Hang in there! Kira was lucky to have you guys.