Me & my awful eye sight

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Yesterday afternoon Tyler took me to get contacts @ America’s Best after 3 years of wearing eyeglasses and two broken pairs of glasses later!! Wow, what a difference wearing contacts is!!

I am nearsighted, aka I have myopia and can’t see far away objects as clear as I should. The doctor, who was quite quirky and funny, told me that eyes should be round and that mine where kind of squished so they were more on the oval side of the spectrum. Meaning I will have to wear contacts or eyeglasses to compensate.

Oh, and to add to my bad eye sight, I also have astigmatism…wow! My eyes suck! Hehehe…but I bet you are wondering how bad they are, well, I’ll show you in photos since it is the best way to describe…



This is what things look like without wearing glasses/contacts. I can see silhouettes but faces and small details are blurred. Near items look sharper but not as sharp as they should (insert astigmatism here). I have had myopia since I can remember but it only keep getting worse. And if I heard right, my eyes will stop changing around my 30th birthday…but I will always have to wear some kind of corrective aid to see, unless I get the surgery. Am I elegible?


{Her name is Kodiak. She is my brother in law’s Husky pup}


This is how I see things now that I have my contacts!! Well, almost. The lady gave me a contact lens that was .25 less of my prescription ’cause they didn’t have the -2.75 I needed (free pair). So once I toss these out (2 weeks) I’ll be able to see sharp again!!

It is just odd you know. All your life you see the world as a blur. No details, no sharpness. Then you get contacts and you want to cry at how beautiful the world is seen through your eyes. And then I looked at Ty and said ‘So, this is how you see things, huh?’. Man has the perfect eye sight! And thankfully our boys have it too!!  They can see planes in the air that I can’t!!


Isn’t it a huge difference with contacts!?


Only con to wearing contacts, is that mine are not helping much with my astigmatism and I see a bit blurry when trying to read. It’s not like I have to write and read a lot, huh?! Yeah….I think I’ll have to get myself a pair of reading glasses…oh well, anything to see the way I should.


Do you wear glasses or contacts?


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