Mango Hometown Tour {Portland}

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Saturday I took my MIL to the Mango Hometown Tour on their stop in town and man did we have lots of fun!! We learned so many new things regarding mangos and ate such delicious food!!

Mangos you say? Well, let me share this with you…

Portland is all about organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Portlanders are very picky about what they consume which is why mangos are not very popular here. I was surprised to learn that Portland is one of the cities in the USA that has a low mango consumption due to the organic thinking of most Portlanders. It is not that Portlanders dislike mangos it is just that, due to Oregon’s climate, mangos can’t be grown here. Insert imported mangos here.

But due to all the organic craze people often think that mangos are full of pesticides and yucky things, but you will surprised. Mangos are one of the top 15 clean fruits and vegetables list along with onions, eggplants and pineapples! This means that even though the tree might have been treated with pesticides, these chemicals are not present in the mango flesh! I bet you did not know this part either, huh?

I love mangos. Favorite fruit of mine. Reminds me of my childhood, seeing my dad cut the mango and add lime and chile powder. Eating it as is. The smell. The taste. Oh man, definitely takes me back.

You will be surprised what you can do with mangos!!



Heirloom baby romaine with mango-citrus dressing and slivered oil cured olives. Mixed baby beet and mango salad with fresh goat’s cheese. Frilled new crop potatoes with mustard, mando and piment d’espelette…are you drooling all over your keyboard yet? Grilled mango glazed young chicken with Moorish spices and cilantro. And for dessert, oh can’t forget the dessert: mango upside down cake with vanilla bean ice cream!

And I think I forgot the drink: Mango Mimosa! 😀 I was in champagne heaven!

It was even better than they look in the pictures!! The salad had a barely there hint of mango and the goat cheese went perfectly with it!! The beet salad was heaven!! And this is a lot to say from me since I dislike beets! Potatoes? Even better!! The cake was a bit too sweet…but delish!!



Of course we were not only fed! We were also taught how to properly cut a mango! And I think I did not get the memo since I cut myself twice back at home! Oops…me and knives, not always a good match!

We also learned not to judge a mango by its color (I’ll have to use this as my ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ saying, great switch). I am sure you’ve seen red mangos and your first thought was that they were ripe, right? Well, red means that specific mango had more sun exposure! Green means less sun exposure. Ataulfos get wrinkly when they are ripe! Hard mangos are great for one recipe and when ripe they are good for a different one. Great versatility! Plus they are good for you and your kids! 100 calories per cup!

Soon I’ll share some recipes with you all! And if you have a favorite recipe that has mangos as an ingredient share with us!! We are always looking for new recipes!



To learn more on mangos (how to cut, recipes, etc)  make sure to visit the National Mango Board‘s website!!



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I will like to thank the National Mango Board and Fred Meyer for inviting us to such an amazing event!!

  • Fiona Binz
    June 22, 2011

    Everything looks delish!!

    • Sofia
      June 27, 2011

      It was delicious! 😀 Specially the mango mimosa!! 😀