A cold? In Summer?!?

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Seriously?! I mean, it’s not like I have a lots of stuff to do, right?! Like, maybe, clean bathrooms, scrub walls, pack toys and books and clothes, feed the kids, feed the husband, read emails, keep packing, find a house, pack some more, rent our house out. Nah, I mean, who needs to do all that! Besides, it is SUMMER!! Couldn’t Mr. Cold get here, say, during fall? Or how about never?

I feel like crap! No runny nose though….but still! I have than nagging tickle in my nose. Weak legs. Sore throat…and I still have to pack…

Why, oh why?!

This is me, with cold and everything, saying good bye to you for the day…hoping that you guys are doing way better than I am!!

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