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This past weekend was blessed with the kiss of the sun! Oh how cheesy, hehehe! But yeah, the sun was out and so where the shovels and muscles! And our boogers too!! I’m not the only one with a cold in summer! So does little J.! We’ve been quite miserable….

For quite some time we have been pondering on removing our fence and placing it at the very edge of the side yard between our house and the neighbors. Finally did it!! I would have love to get a chance to enjoy it but we are moving so soon (*hyperventilating*)!

Saturday, early on, Alex and Tyler set out to break the fence apart and removing those wooden pilars that where very close to China! Those two guys dug forever!! But after much digging and tugging they came out!


{You see those suckers!! Those poles where in deep!}


While the boys worked their muscles I had some yard work to do. See those ugly red shrubs? I HATE THEM!! They are prickly and I am pretty sure their roots reach China! It took me good portion of the day to dig them out! I tried to get as much root as possible but after 4 shrubs I gave up. My fingers are still sore. My skin is very dry and I have no more lotion! But I’m done with ours. They are happily on their way to where ever yard trash goes. Where does it go anyways?



Of course the boys helped!! J. ate strawberries and managed the whole operation. A., on the other hand, was not afraid of getting his hands dirty! Boy dug wholes, undug wholes, threw rocks around and helped move the fence!



This is our new fence!! We used the wood from our fence. Took all Sunday for the boys to build! Doesn’t it look nice!! Of course, Tyler’s ghetto is showing on the other side with his multicolored pieces!! This weekend we will stain the fence and hopefully do some more yard work. We, and by we I mean our neighbors and us, have been pondering on what to do!! We would love to set up a slab of cement, 10 x 12, and have a fire pit in the middle. A wood burning fire pit!! Great for summer nights and s’mores!

I also want grass, darn it!! And hanging flowers…from baskets, under the windows…and tons of plants and maybe even a water feature!!


What would you guys do in your backyard if you had the money?

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  • Lily
    July 6, 2011

    Funny for “J. ate strawberries and managed the whole operation”! So cute!