The Little Looster {Review}

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I can proudly say that A. is 100% potty trained!! OK, maybe…thing is, he can go and knows when and can hold it but I have to be there! I don’t help, I simply watch. So he is potty trained and I am his number one fan!

He was never into his potty that’s shaped like a truck and makes beeping sounds when he pees. Nop, little man is a big boy and must use the big potty, like daddy does! So picture a little boy trying to climb up the toilet. And yeah, I did mean climb! Little man looked like a monkey! I was so tempted to take video but sir has to completely be naked (sometimes completely naked) in order to go potty, so I refrained myself.

In my attempt of making his climbing easier and not so monkey-ish I told him to bring his stool with him whenever he had to go potty. Said stool is usually nowhere to be found since the boys take it with them everywhere.

We now have an awesome stool that The Little Looster graciously provided us with!



When it came in the mail, a huge box, A. was so excited ’cause I told that it was for him. As soon as he sees the stool he tells me, “Mommy, I gotta go peep” (he calls it peep instead of pee, or poop). At first he kept climbing up like a monkey but he soon realized that it was now easier to clim up and sit and do how business. Unfortunately, and said with tons of love, I still have to be an observant, unless he has to poop and then I get kicked out.



Honestly, we all love the Little Looster!! What is best is that you do not have to move it! It stays there, waiting for the next pair of feet ready to jump on it! It wraps perfectly around the toilet base so it is not on your way like the square stools do. Its shape is perfect and us grown up people, boys and girls, can still go potty!! See those wholes on the potty stool? Yup, those are for the boys who can pee standing up….! Monica, the inventor, is one brilliant woman!!

I truly recommend giving The Little Looster a try!! There’s no need to move around or go fetch for. Little legs won’t dangle any more and fall asleep. Makes for a comfortable trip to the bathroom!


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