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I can still remember my very first email ID puppies_16. Oh, the memories!! I can’t really remember how many emails I’ve had, but I am pretty sure it’s 80% less than my brother does! That boy loves to open new email addresses like once every few months! Can’t keep track!

Now that I look back ‘puppies_16’ seems so silly and I think the password had something to do with the Back Street Boys! I blame it on my middle school years…girls and their boy bands I guess! Though, my second email ID wasn’t that awesome either: hera_102_as






It is astonishing how fast things change over time. Technology is improving at such a fast pace! I can still remember those boxy computers and the floppy disks! Remember those?! I used to have one too many….mostly empty. It is just incredible that we can now keep in touch with friends and family and even meet new people and make new friends!!

Back when my blog was pretty much new I talked about pen pals and how much I love to write. This is when I met Liz, my super amazing friend in Texas! It all started via snail mail but it soon moved to emails which makes it that much better and faster.

We chat via email and we tell each other what is going on in our lives at that exact moment. Like, for a couple of weeks we talked about Liz’s new job and all the scanning and shredding she had to do, which we jokingly renamed digitizing and lacerating! Made her job sound a bit more fun!! Imagine scanning 14 huge drawers full of paper!! And don’t forget the shredding afterwards, using only one shredder…but all be it for the new couch they’ll get soon, right? Which, by the way, dear Liz, I can’t wait for you guys to get, and for you to show off!

I will go as far as to saying we are good friends. We might not know each other in person but I know she will be there to listen to me rant about our move to Colorado. And she knows that I will be there for whatever she might need!

We have even made, lets call it, a pact, she’ll get to her desired weight and I’ll get a flat tummy so that we can go next year to the Bahamas together, sans husbands and kids (me)! Is that awesome or what!? Who would have thought that something as simple as an email could bring people together!! I really appreciate Liz and our friendship.

Bahamas, here we come!!


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  • Giant Sis
    July 7, 2011

    I LOVE our electronic friendship! I can’t wait until we get to meet in person – in the Bahamas, if not sooner! I’ve never been to Colorado, so you never know when I might show up!! Thank YOU for all the listening you do – to my ranting and raving and crazy randomness! It’s fun to have a friendship where I don’t have to be the person people expect me to be – and I can be who I truly am! Luv yer guts!

    • Sofia
      July 7, 2011

      Aww thanks!! I Love our friendship too!! It is always nice knowing that there’s someone that will listen to you no matter what!! 😀 Can’t wait for the Bahamas!!