Fill in the blank Friday {Week 11}

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And I’m just hoping in on the fun, so bare with me!! 😀 Alright, so for those who are new to Fill in the blank Friday it is pretty simple to join, simply head on over to The Little Things We Do and take the questions Lauren posted that Friday and simply fill in the blank!! It is pretty cool if I must say so!! Then when your post is up add it to the linky…and hop away!



1.  I am an (morning,evening,middle of the day person) I am a night owl…I can go to bed late…waking up is what kills me!

2.  My favorite Pandora stations are- I have a few stations: Robbie Williams, Glee, Adele, Top Hits…but I rarely listen to Pandora anymore.

3.  3 of my “must-have”songs for a road trip playlist are I have no top songs…Tyler hogs the radio which he usually turns off…no matter how many times I might turn the radio on he turns it back off…so we usually listen the boys talk and sing…

4.  My favorite pattern is …a bit of everything but right now I love Cath Kidston‘s patterns! Very floral and cute!

5.  My favorite perfume is Colors by Colors of Benetton…but it has been discontinued!! I will never have it back :'(

6.  Rules are important and a must…now the only problem is having other following the rules…like picking up your socks and putting your toys away…

7. My most overused phrase or punctuation is “Stop it!” I blame it on my two little boys who are always getting into trouble! Boys will be boys, right?


Thanks Moose and Tater for the tip!


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