Learning to love and respect Nature

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It is at a young age that we learn to love and respect what surrounds us so what better way than by taking care of something. Yes, they have a dog which is mommy takes care of (Scratch is my puppy either way) and they also have their fish (which daddy looks after) but the idea of having something that they can take care and watch grow just couldn’t be bypassed.

Right before we got the boys their first fish we thought it would be cool to have the boys take care of their own plant so we took them to a nursery. We looked for the right plant to fit in a small planter to no avail so we decided to buy seeds (OK, it was the nursery employee who suggested it).



I wanted to wait for the weather to be dry and sunny but it hasn’t happened so we ventured outside and I just realized the seed bag in the photo is upside down, oops! Hehehe….so, we gather our tools: potting soil, tiny planters, water and two shovels, one for each boy.



We decided to go with Nasturtium seeds since they are big enough for little hands. Nasturtium is colorful and easy to grow. Their are excellent for massing, covering trellises, walls and arbors and can get as tall as 5′ up in the sky…I guess we’ll have to transplant sooner or later, huh?

Oh, and they love cool weather! It takes these seeds 10 days to grow in 65 degree weather!



We started by adding the soil to the planters which with the huge shovels was quite messy. But they did way better than I expected!! They were so serious all the time. Concentration at its best.

J. needed a bit of help since most of the soil landed on the floor, but he did not fuss at all when having mommy being his helper. He is such a big boy now!

The Nasturtium needs to be covered by 1/4 inch of light soil firmed down…which I had to fix since we put them in the middle of the pot, oops.



The watering went well for A. He was very careful. J., on the other hand, poured the whole bottle with water on his pot and lost half the soil…I guess that’s what happens when mommy is not watching…and I love that he did not move at all when the water got closer and closer to him. He simply fussed about it as if the water would take another course! Gotta love little kids! I surely do love mine…hehehe!



The little pots sit on the kitchen’s window sill. I will document their growth and see how long it takes for the little plant to come out off the soil!! I’ll make sure to share the development with you guys!! Lets hope for good weather…