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Both my boys love to explore, specially J., he is much more of an explorer soul than A. is. One thing they both have in common is their love for forts! Just mention the word ‘fort’ and they’ll jump up, drop whatever they’re doing, and off they go to build a fort!

Just a few weeks ago we got the opportunity of reviewing some products from Backyard Safari Outfitters, an offer we couldn’t let pass us by.

Backyard Safari Outfitters is a line of gear to get kids up and out exploring nature. Whether the plan is to campout on your background (or living room) or explore your local parks, Backyard Safari Outfitters has all the gear you’ll need to set off on your adventure! Each of their products comes with a Pop-Up Field Guide which features unique in the field missions in line with the toy’s specific play pattern. Kids can learn to be Bug Wranglers or Bird Catcher (or catch ants in mommy’s living room). Each field guide comes with a collectible patch as a reward!


{Base Camp Shelter $39.99}
{Mini Lantern $14.99}

For any type of campout, be it outdoors or indoors, you need the proper shelter, right? The Base Camp Shelter stands 40″ talls and is huge! When we got the package in the mail we set camp in the living room….and we had to move a chair and ottoman  so the tent would fit! Both the boys like it, but they’ve never seen it as a fort. Maybe I should figure out a way to make a fort with the tent and a sheet!! This tent has plenty of storage and pockets where kids can put their lanterns, binoculars, maps, magnifying glasses, etc. so they can have everything in hand.

As you can see in the photo above, the tent is now set out in the boys’ room and is being used as a reading corner, plus the mini lantern comes in very handy! So, even when it gets chilly and rainy outside the tent can still be used. Exploring indoors can be just as fun as doing it outside, just with less bugs! Maybe I should dress Scratch in a snake costume and have the boy catch him, hehehe!!

The Base Camp Shelter comes with its own Pop-Up Field Guide.

{Camouflage Net $14.99}

Of course every explorer needs to blend in with their surroundings and what better way than to hide in plain sight but with a camouflage net! You don’t necessary need a tent to use the net, you can always attach it to a tree and make a little tent where kids can hide in. Or it can be also used to blend in the bushes or blend-in the dirt!

I really like the idea of the net and my boys loved it but where soon tugging it which led to fights which led to mommy storing it in the closet. I guess once the sun comes out, please!, we’ll take the tent and net outside and get our hands and knees dirty while looking for bugs and worms!

{Lazer Light Bug Vacuum $19.99}

The Lazer Light Bug Vacuum what the boys’ favorite from the entire package! They both love catching bug and what better way to do so than without having to touch them…or at least that is what I think. Yet again, my boys don’t mind touching them, specially my little explorer, J., who just a few days back caught a centipede, are those poisonous? I dunno…

This gun comes with a lazer light which allows you to shine the light on the bug as you capture them into the capture core of the gun! I, of course, had to take it away since both my boys are under 5 and kept shinning the light into everybody’s eyes, specially mine, which usually led to headaches!

I never thought it was actually going to work since it didn’t seem to have that much suction, but I was proven wrong one day after the boys had had some popcorn. Tons of ants appeared on the wall next to the pantry and on a corner close to the backyard sliding door. The gun sucked all the ants out of the carpet including pet hair and popcorn pieces!! I was amazed! And, I must confess, it was quite entertaining!

The Lazer Light Bug Vacuum comes with its own Pop-Up Field Guide with missions and a patch!

{Hiking Stick $14.99}

When the trails get rough a hiking stick is a must!! We haven’t used the hiking stick yet since it is 48″ tall and way too high for my boys to use. But I remember when I used to hike with my family when I was a kid that hiking sticks are quite helpful! They help you keep a steady foot on the trail and are great for poking and prodding hard to reach places…like trying to figure out how deep a creek or a stream is!

The hiking stick also come with the Expedition Two iron-on patch and with its own Pop-Up Field Guide with special missions!

{Cargo Vest $19.99}

Took me forever to take this photo!! Neither one of the boys wanted to wear it! If only they knew how handy it can be when out exploring since it has plenty of cargo pockets where you can store all your necessities like binoculars, maps, and all the Pop-Up Field Guides!


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Disclosure: As a member of Team Mom I received Backyard Safari Outfitters products in order to complete this review. This was not a paid post. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the hosting company.

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