{Update} Nasturtium Plants

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The boys’ Nasturtium plants are sprouting!! Now is step two on our learning to love and respect nature lessons of life.

I was worried for a bit of having killed the seeds or of having done something wrong but they are growing nice and strong!!

I first noticed the tiny sprouts coming out of the soil, one of them was pushing a chunk of soil off his back…it was awesome! And of course I was more excited than anyone else at the house!!



{Left, J. – Right, A.}


The top two photos are from last night, around 8pm, and the bottom photo shows you the sprouts 12 hours later! ISn’t it amazing how fast they grow!? I can’t wait to get flowers. We are actually thinking on planting the rest of the seeds in our backyard and see them grow on the two trellises we have. It’d give the yard a gorgeous red, orange, yellow tint.


I’ll keep you guys updated!