Fishing @ Commonwealth Lake Park

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This was quite the weekend! Felt good and refreshing being away from the blog for a while. I might start being M.I.A a bit more often. But not too often, maybe once a month. I am actually rescheduling my work around here. I dunno…I am still looking for fellow mommies or daddies who might want to join From PDX with Love

So, moving on. This weekend finally felt like summer is supposed to be: sunny, bright, cheerful, fun. Saturday afternoon we took the boys to the mall for some ice cream. Came back home and spent the rest of the evening vegetating and enjoying each other’s company.

Sunday we took the boys fishing! It was fun and a bit tiring. We left home around 11 am and went to Kmart to buy all the fishing gear (which reminds me that we have to take one of the fishing poles back).

After our tiny shopping spree we headed out to Commonwealth Lake Park here in Beaverton. This place is so beautiful! You quickly forget you are in the middle of the city!



The park has geese and ducks everywhere! I think all the ducks were females (all brown) made me wonder where the males where. We started our walk around the lake to find the perfect spot, also read as a shaded spot. As soon as we found it we settled down to get the gear ready. Which can also be read as Tyler did it all since I have no clue how to. I am not big on fishing, fish always hide from me…



{Boys playing with the fishing pole while waiting for daddy to get 3 of them ready}



I’ll have to learn how to get a fishing pole ready, from the threading to the weights to the floating ball thingy that goes on the top of it. I did put the copper bells on…took me a bit to figure those out…who would have thunk all you have to do is press in the middle?! Hehehe…oops!



{I’m trying to teach myself how to take photos, this day was simply perfect!}



Per Oregon’s fishing laws you require a license in order to fish, and if you do not have a license you are, in no way, allowed to touch the fishing pole not even to help your kids reel the fish in…which is dumb, but whatever. So all I could do was take photos, watch the boys stare at the ducks, and make sure my boys wouldn’t jump in the lake after them.



This was quite a photogenic duck! Every time he saw me with my camera he’d stop and pose! J. thought the duck were cool. A. did not want to be on the bridge, he has a thing for little wholes on the ground, he thinks he might fall through them. Pretty cute if you ask me!



It was amazing seeing Tyler teaching A. how to fish. How to throw the hook in the water, how to reel it in. Unfortunately we did not catch a single thing! The lake got stocked with trout back in April so by now the fish have been fished already, except for the smart ones that stayed in the middle of the lake, we did see a few jumping.



This time, J did not care about fishing at all. He was all about the ducks and hanging out with mommy! Oh an he also loved doing…



Sir decided to play with my skirt. Or more like under my skirt. I thought I was going to loose it with a pull from his little hands! I mean, who needs to fish when you can play with mommy’s skirt, right?!

Not a good fashion choice, next time we go fishing I’ll stick to shorts.



All in all we had quite the fun!! We will most definitely have to repeat it soon, but maybe we’ll have to go to another lake that has been recently stocked!



How was your weekend!?


  • Giant Sis
    August 1, 2011

    Sounds like a fun adventure! Glad you got to go experience some low-tech fun for a change – you need a break from blogging to enjoy nature and your 3 boys! I’m not a fishing-lover either, but it looks like you all had a great time!

    Our weekend was called “Avoid-the-Texas-Heat-At-ALL-Costs” so we pretty much vegged out on the couch with the dogs and watched movies! This heat just ZAPS your energy and when it is over 100 every day, you really lose any desire to go out in it – even walking the dogs wears us out (dogs included!).

    I did go to the grocery store – which I hate. But we’ve been living off of cereal for so many meals that I’m pretty sure we have a vitamin deficiency of some sort. So I got some fruits, veggies, salad, etc. for variety. And some more cereal (heehee). What can I say? After we workout and shower, it’s usually 7:30 at night – and neither of us wants to mess with cooking or even heating something up.

    • Sofia
      August 1, 2011

      I can’t live without cereal!! So you are not alone in that department 😉 A bowl of cereal must be a dietary requirement, who do I have to talk to for this to happen?

      How’s the weather today?