Kuhn Rikon Knives {Review}

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I can be a weirdo some times. Why do I even mention this? Well, simply because one of my favorite parts about cooking is cutting. I love the feeling of cutting celery, carrots, onions, and zuzzhini. These are my faves! I know, like I told you, I am a weirdo…happens to the best of us, tee hee! Good knives are a must in the kitchen. I spend alot of time browsing new knives on sharpenedknife.com, I like to stay on the leading edge of knives. So far I have 6 different paring knives, my favorite. I have never tried ceramic knives, tough I do own a ceramic peeler which works wonders if you ever need to peel your own fingers…that sucker is sharp! But so far I love what I have and have no intent on making the switch to ceramic knives. Kuhn Rikon (the #1 brand of Swiss cookware and cooks’ tools, marrying Swiss design with American ingenuity to make cooking seriously fun.) recently sent me two of their Farmers Market Knives Colori, which are part of the award-winning line of Nonstick Knives Colori.

These paring knives, which are available with smooth or serrated blades, come in super handy for meal prep tasks such as dicing carrots, chopping small onions, mincing herbs or slicing a small loaf of crusty bread, but they are colorful! I must be honest and share with you that I tried to cut a medium sized onion with one of the knives and found the blade to be a tad too small, but then again, these are paring knives…still you can easily chop a shallot with them! Farmers Market Knives Colori come in six colors, each with a different fruit or vegetable design on the blade: Garlic motif with Green handle/sheath and White blade; Onion motif in Purple; Apple motif in Apple Green; Lemon-Lime motif with Yellow handle/sheath and Lime Green blade; plus two serrated knives: Tomato motif in Red; and Orange motif in Orange.

{I received these two paring knives for me to review. The orange one for Ty and the purple one for me!}

The razor sharp Japanese high-carbon stainless steel blades feature colorful nonstick coating decorated with eye-catching fruit or vegetable designs, giving these knives style and function for everyday use. The blade is 4 inches long, ideal for creating small, intricate garnishes for special occasions.

The knives are pretty, fun, colorful and super easy to use. They have soon become my to go knives. I use the serrated orange knife to cut the boys’ fruit, and the smooth purple knife for paring potatoes, apples and works wonders with ginger roots! It slides smoothly and makes the paring much easier. Plus, their handle has been designed for easy gripping and maneuvering while in use and they all come with a matching sheath which is perfect for storage, camping, picnics and travel (just not in your carry-on).

– GET IT –

Farmers Market Knives Colori are available at Factory Direct 2 You ($10-$12)


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Disclosure: This was not a paid post. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the Hosting Company who graciously provided the product for me to review.

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