Building a deck {part 1}

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It is amazing the difference that taking down a fence can do. Ever since we took our down (and the neighbor did too) we have all become fast friends! We’ve had Margarita nights and just the other night we played Pictionaryman at our place. All because of a few pieces of wood…

On Saturday the boys embarked into building a deck…putting cement would have been twice as expensive as building a wooden deck and gazebo.

The day started with digging four holes on the ground where the main 4 beams go. I think the boys dug 2 the night before but a shovel got broken. After the holes were dug the string came out to figure the correct spot for the beams.


{Tyler, Ty & Brian}

Please do notice the fact that Scratch is posing for the camera! He usually runs away as he rolls his eyes at me! Teenagers…But anywho. After all the digging and measuring and string pulling ad tugging the first beam came up (but it looked lame by itself, so I’ll share with you the second beam as it was being positioned…outside my kitchen window, which became the bar):

{That little Daschund on the background is our little neighbor, and Scratch’s best friend, Maverick!}

Looked like the boys had a ton of fun and it all went so fast. Or it might have just been me! See, Saturday I learned how to take screencaps of a video in order to make animated gifs (like the one on my ‘winners’ posts) which I am very proud of…if only I figured out how to correctly post one of Tumblr…but that’s a whole other story.

{Anyone recognize Brian, the guy with the level?}

Soon after the beams where positioned and the cement was poured into the holes the boys put a harness to keep the beams upright while the cement dried. And so it was called a day…and of course:

Tyler tried to imprint the boys’ hands on the cement. J thought he was being thrown in with it and completely freaked out! A. loved it…but for some reason it did not work so Tyler simply wrote their names!

How was your weekend!?

  • Giant Sis
    August 8, 2011

    Poor J – thought he was getting thrown into cement!! 🙂

    Looks like a NICE backyard area! Enjoy!

    • Sofia
      August 8, 2011

      We just need for the boys to be done with the deck so we can move on to the flowers!! We are already talking Halloween parties and Christmas decorations! Can’t wait!

  • alexandra
    August 8, 2011

    when are you planning on finishing it!! keep us posted!!!!

    • Sofia
      August 8, 2011

      I would have the boys working on it right now but apparently they have to work or something…hehehe, hopefully it will get done soon!! All that’s left to do is nail the boards down and stain the wood so they can move on to the gazebo…so, lets say 2 more weekends…hopefully!