Building a deck {part 2}

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Hopefully the deck will be done soon!! I seriously can’t wait. A. already took propriety over it and calls it now his fort. He often asks for a blanket so we can drape it over the beams. That deck would make a hell of an awesome tree-less treehouse!! Two stories tall and with bunk beds which you are allowed to take s’mores to!

On day two (part 1) the deck actually took form. Early in the morning…OK, not so early, early would be 7 am. Around 10 am the boys started their construction day by deciding where the deck floor would be and started framing it.


As they moved their way around the deck the brases started to come off. And of course A. was there to help out. Unfortunately he had to go back inside once the saw came out.

Soon afterwards the floor beams where put in place. Once the deck starting taking shape we all realized how big 12″ x 10″ really is! When you think about it it feels a tad small, non impressive. But once it got to this stage it felt huge! Made us all smile, or at least it made me smile.

Ty (left) knows quite a bit about carpentry, which came in very handy with building the deck, not that the boys would actually agree to my statement. He was the one who suggested we built a wooden deck.

Right after this photo was taken the rest of the beams where laid on top. The deck is still not done. The beams have to get stained and nailed down so that we can move on to the gazebo. And, of course, by we I mean the boys! Us girls are in charge of the yard (right after the boys build the paths, of course).

It is amazing how this deck has gotten us all much closer. We are already talking Halloween parties and Christmas decorations!

The boys love their fort!! They run around and thrown themselves on the floor and chase each other around! It is going to be so much fun once it is finished! Suck that we didn’t built it before.



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  • Fiona
    August 9, 2011

    Love the pictures!
    And maybe I should hire “the boys”! They work pretty fast. They’ll have everything done by the end of the week!!