Rocking a new look

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After so much talk and thought we finally did it! We’ve all got hair cuts!! Yeah, for the boys it wasn’t that much of a deal…I mean, come on, they went from short to shorter but mine was totally different!! I went from long to, what I call, short! Yikes!!


{Mommy and J rocking new looks!}


After much thought I decided to move the boys’ desk downstairs so I could keep the kitchen as clear as possible.
The desk is so short I have to use a huge gym ball we have at home…which is not that bad since I have to balance myself…helps with the core muscles 😉
So, point is, whenever we get bored we have little photo sessions on PhotoBook as we bounce on the ball…and I try not to tumble backwards!!


{A. and mommy doing the peace sign! A.’s hand is on the right}


This is a pre-A.’s new look (just the day before he got his hair cut by daddy).
Love those curls but they were getting too long and word has it that it wil get hot this weekend so short hair is a plus!



{Love this photo!!}



{He’s such a lover! And he loves cameras!}



{Found it!! So, this is the new look! What do you think?!}



{Family picture time! New hair cut edition}


Hope you guys have a wonderful day!



  • Heather
    August 12, 2011

    Ah! What fun you had. I like the short hair! Looks good on you. Hunky Hubs buzzed J’s hair about three weeks ago in the shower. We’ll probably do the same again here in a few weeks, just keep it short and manageable.

  • Hanan
    August 15, 2011

    So cute!!