My Bucket list

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I have always wanted to write down my bucket list which resides in a tiny corner on the back of my mind. Sometimes I add tasks and others I delete them. So, what better way to keep track of my silly dreams than to write them down. The little people in my head will have a ton of fun fetching these silly dreams of mine, tee hee!

    • Travel to Switzerland
    • Swim with dolphins
    • Swim with sharks
    • Feed sharks (so freaky but it would be awesome!)
    • Stand on The Skydeck and take a photo looking down (I should also add: try not to pass out while doing so)

    • Go skydiving
    • Go scuba diving
    • Take a photography class
    • Learn how to ski
    • Sleddone
    • Learn to sew
    • Go on a cruise
    • Throw a themed party
    • Learn to make origami cranes
    • Climb the Eiffel Tower


{via Weheartit}

    • Get a mani-pedi
    • Visit every state in the US
    • Get fitted for a bra
    • Fix the girls
    • Grow my own herbs garden
    • Write a children’s book and have it published
    • Complete a 3D puzzle
    • Paint a canvas
    • Jump off a cliff (into water, of course)
    • Go to a spa
    • Go skinny dipping
    • Make my own dreamcatcher
    • Go back to Vancouver, BC

    • Create a family logo
    • Make a furniture piece
    • Kayak with
    • Get into street photography –done!
    • Have a snowball fight with strangers
    • Learn to snowboard
    • Get my drivers license
    • Go to the movies by myself
    • Kiss my husband in the rain
    • Sing out loud
    • Fly first class
    • Own an Anthropologie dress
    • Go vegetarian (at least for a month)
    • Have a collection –done!
    • Learn to Curl



    • Make paper at home
    • Go to the Niagara Falls
    • Tour Europe
    • Go on a hot air balloon ride
    • Wear a tutu for a whole day!
    • Break a bone 😀
    • Compost
    • Exercise at least 4 times a week
    • Guest post on someone’s blog –done!
    • Print and hang photos of the boys
    • Paint a ceramic piece
    • Learn to draw or at least doodle
    • Hold a boa or python
    • Explore a cave

{via James Nored}

    • Build a house
    • Start a vlog (been meaning to but keep forgetting to)
    • Try food from 50 countries
    • Go to Disney World
    • Go to Hogwarts



    • Buy a wand at Ollivander’s
    • Go to a bull run @ Pamplona, Spain
    • Ride a Gondola in Venice
    • Travel to Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Get an Old English Shepherd puppy!
    • Run half a marathon
    • Work on my Wreck This Journal book
    • Learn to do the perfect ‘smokey eye’
    • Get another tattoo –done!
    • Give blood
    • Be tested to donate marrow
    • Learn 20 recipes by heart
    • Plank for a whole minute

Time to share!!
Tell me 3 things that are in your bucket list!

  • alexandra
    August 15, 2011

    1. Learn and speak fluent Swedish
    2. Kayak
    3. Go to Switzerland, India,
    4. Learn Italian
    5. Have a dog again
    6. Get a kid
    7. Get married
    8. Own my own House/flat
    9. Travel around the world
    10. Own my own company
    11. Learn to meditate
    12. practice yoga

    Maybe i can add more latter. Although.

    13. Published my book i wrote when i was a kid
    14. Learn more about photography
    15. Learn about gardening
    16. have exotic plants
    17. have a surgery maybe bust
    18. Change my nose, hahahah two surgeries.. maybe only the nose

    love yah guys

    • Sofia
      August 15, 2011

      Yoga is nice! Should add it to mine as well!! And we can’t wait to have you over!! 😀

  • ana
    August 15, 2011

    1. Go on a family cruise
    2. Learn woodworking
    3. Speak fluent English
    4. Having my family together at least at Christmas

  • Heather
    August 15, 2011

    Wow! That is a mighty big bucket list.

    When I turned 30 I wrote a post with a few things from my bucket list. By the way, I like the “Fix the girls” one, I’ll have to do that once I’m done BFing after comes….maybe….hopefully. 😉 Right now the girls look great though. LOL!!

    1. Own my own home
    2. Go to Hawaii
    3. Grow my own vegetable garden.

    • Sofia
      August 15, 2011

      Hahaha I bet they do!! Mine are not so happy any more…I want to aadd 25 more to it!! Would it be too much? And, adding Hawaii to my list, of course!

  • Judith
    August 16, 2011

    Thanak you for your list.. I turned 65 a wwk ago and have been feeling sorry for myself. I looked at your list and I have done more then 1/2 of your list. Many of the remaining I have no interest in doing, like fix the girls. PS what is the smoky eye,