Photos, moving and other ‘fill in the blank’ affairs

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Life has gotten so busy on our neck of the woods that it is insane! We are finally making the move to Colorado!! Soon we will be calling Parker, CO home. Sometime tomorrow our future renters will come see the house (for the first time) and hopefully sign contract. After that the true packing and fixing up the house begins. Thankfully grandma will be here on Monday to help us out with the move, phew! Our moving out date is tentative due to the renters moving somewhere between the 5th and the 10th of next month…but our future landlords are planning on moving out on the 15th. I guess we will have to crash grandma’s house for a few days! That’s going to be interesting.

So, as I type this I haven’t had a shower in almost 2 days thanks to all the cleaning and packing, my hair is still all funky looking thanks to my french braids and my house is a mess again, even after I cleaned it last night!



{Yup, hair is a mess!}


I also forgot it was Friday! So here is my fill in the blank Friday:


1.  My idea of pure perfection would be being able to keep my house clean for at least one day.

2.  Laughter is the best medicine…specially when it’s your kids’ laughter

3. If it weren’t for life getting in the way I’d travel the worlds with my family.

4. Bloggers are awesome! At times it feels like bloggers belong to a very tight group and you are the outsider but once you take the time to talk to them they are awesome!! I just sort of made friends with Angie from Seven Clown Circus all it took was a BlogHer comment and now we promised to meet next year in NYC! 😉

5. If I had a million dollars I’d buy build a house with a secret room, outdoor pool, media room, and most important a wood burning fireplace (the hubs loves them!).

6. I’m glad it’s Friday because as I said above, we will know for sure when we are moving to CO!! 😀

7. Something I’m excited about is a bit redundant but, I can’t wait to be in CO!


{Taken by the hubs, edited by me…Beautiful shot along the Estes Park main road}


Alright, so I better get going…I am so not looking forward to cleaning toilets, argh!

How am I supposed to pack when we need most of the stuff?


OK, this is where you guys come in, any moving/packing tips you’d love to share with me?! Please?!

  • Fiona Binz
    August 20, 2011

    I wish my hair looked like that after two days of not showering!

    • Sofia
      August 26, 2011

      Hehehe…jealous much!? J/K it was greasy….I’ve noticed that it now gets greasy easier than before