Saturday @ Jantzen Beach & the marina

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One thing we will surely miss from Portland is being so close to the beach and being surrounded by rivers. Cannon Beach is our favorite but unfortunately we can’t do the 2 hours drive due to us moving soon and being overloaded with stuff to do (already patched all the walls!).

This past Saturday we decided to head to Jantzen Beach (a tiny island on the Columbia River right between Washington and Oregon). Summer has decided to show up and it’s been hot…except right now that is overcast and chilly but later this afternoon it is supposed to go all the way to the 90s! Yeah, sort of.



We took off around 2.30pm and hit traffic since some idiotic dude decided it would be a great idea to close half of the only bridge between WA and OR…seriously people! As soon as we made it to Grandma Byrd’s house (she is Tyler’s Grandma but we call her Grandma anyways) and went straight for the pool!

This must have been the 4th time A. and J. swim and they are doing so good!! A. can do the doggy paddle (or more like the doggy kicking since he barely moves his arms). This is a great step due to him hating water on his face. He even thought that jumping into the pool after yelling “cannon ball” was the best thing ever!! J. is doing great too! He kicks and paddles and moves a bit. He prefers to be with daddy and loves to jump into the pool and loves floating on his back! No digital documentation of our hour in the pool since we were all swimming. If you want to have the most comfortable summer activity, Las Vegas Lifeguard for hire can help you with special events or part-time lifeguarding for those patrons who would otherwise be uncomfortable enjoying your pool without a lifeguard on duty. One of these days I’ll have to figure out a way to take pictures of all this!!



Afterwards we walked around the marina with Uncle Ron who joined us for the afternoon. This is where the heat hit us all. My hair got a bit frizzy (oh wavy/curly hair), we all got a little sun burnt, and the boys’ cheeks turned a lovely shade of red! Oh they look so cute!! It is amazing that I will get to see those cheeks being all rosy red every single summer once we move to Colorado!



Of course we had to make a couple stops along our walk. A. decided to throw rocks into the water. Too him a couple tries and the first time he actually got a rock to splash into the water he did a silly celebration dance!



J. then decided to join in the fun but he was so sleepy from the swim and the sun that all he managed to do was pick up a couple stones and walk back to daddy.

We’ll miss this. Walking around the marina, enjoying the pool on a hot summer day, hanging out with our friends. Colorado will be a whole new adventure.


What where you guys up to this weekend?


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