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iWeekology a weird made up word thanks to the combination of iPhoneography and week…very random.



August has flown by. Can’t believe we still have 4 more days in August that soon will become into September! 2011 has gone by so fast, yikes.

I think that every Sunday I will be sharing our week in photos. Some will be taken with my camera and some with my iPhone (which will hopefully send Tyler the hint that I need to upgrade my phone, but not to his since he already scratched it!)…

Here we go.



1. Monday, J and Scratch enjoying each other’s company as J watches TV. 2 & 3 Tuesday. Grandma is visiting!! And of course we had to go have Sushi for dinner!!



4, 5 & 6. Wednesday) Went for lunch at this awesome restaurant on the Columbia River where a bunch of ducks and geese come to eat as well! And of course the boys wanted to see and feed them.



7 & 8. Wednesday. we went swimming!! I stayed at the condo since my cold was awful that day. When I went to the pool to see the boys and Grandma I found (7) A. helping an old guy measure the chlorine levels on the pool and (8) J. enjoying some daddy-J time!



9 & 10. Friday, we went to get some coffee and took the boys to the park. I completely forgot that there was a fountain…A. loved it though!! He played and jumped and got me wet to the point where it looked as if I had peed myself! J…well he did not want anything to do with the water! All he wanted was for mommy to carry him. That was all he needed.



11 & 12. Saturday we went to Portland’s Farmer’s Market and got some lunch. Of course mister A. decided that he needed a balloon so he informed us of his decision. After he finished his sandwich he got his orange sword, and even better, he got to pay for it! He was so happy for the exchange! Back home he tried to make airplanes and cars and dogs with his balloon!!


Do you guys have anything planned for this week?!
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  • Paola
    August 29, 2011

    Sophia, I love this post! What a great idea sharing your week in photos with us! Your boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing!