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Seriously, what kid does not like to build towers, castles, bridges with blocks? I am sure very little, and the very few might probably like to destroy the blocks masterpieces! Well, both my boys love to build with their mega blocks and thankfully they are good at sharing them as well (phew). A few months ago I learned about Smarcks which are an amazing combinations between kids blocks and educational toys.


The moment the Smarcks came in the mail they were opened and played with in a flash! At first the boys thought they were like their blocks and paid no close attention to the talking blocks. But then it happened, A. placed a one on a non-talking block and it started talking. The look on his face priceless. His curiosity struck him and he had to figure out how they work! He turned the block up side down and found some little black buttons:

Each Smarck has 6 little black buttons which get pressed by the different shapes on top of the other blocks. Each block has different combinations that will interact with your kids. The ABC blocks ($11.95), for example, spells 26 words; the counting block (green) counts the sum of the blocks it is placed on; the yellow shape block identifies 8 different shapes. So they will learn without even knowing they are learning something new! Soon they will be counting and identifying shapes and spelling words with ease!


A.’s favorite Smarcks are the blocks with the music and dancing lights. He loves to figure out how the blocks work and will try them all out for minutes at end.


J. still prefers to build towers which brings us to another great perk from Smarcks: the Smarck blocks can be used with your regular blocks! Of course they won’t talk or light up due to the lack of patterns but can still be used as any other normal block.

I am still a kid at heart and love to build castels and tunnels for the boys. I love the interaction that the Smarcks bring to the boys’ play time…not only do they get to be creative and build new things every day but they get to learn numbers, spelling, nursery songs as they play. But this is not the only reason why I like them so much. Besides being fun they are super high quality. The plastic used is thicker than a regular block which makes them stronger and last longer.

To start your time of fun and learning you have to get the 70 piece building block set which also comes with talking block which teaches about the color blue and good manners. This set sells for $21.95 and can be found online. Each extra set of 3 talking blocks cost $11.95

I truly recommend them since they are the kids’ toys all in one! Blocks, educational toy and lights all in one! Well worth the money. And I would truly recommend Smarcks on introducing languages to the kids! They should have the same blocks in Spanish, French, German, etc.. Wouldn’t that be awesome-er!

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