Portland Children’s Museum

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Yesterday was such a fun filled, excessive energy and laughter day! It was A.’s second time there and J.’s first and man did they have a blast! J. loved being able to run around like crazy and do things at his own pace. A. loved running around and having his Grandma around to show off all his cool moves and tricks.



This used to be A.’s favorite spot but now it is J.’s, I think it is all about the light under the table where they played with transparent blocks. Loved it!! Plus, the lighting around the ‘trail’ was amazing!! Look at that first photo!! I am feeling very proud of my photography skills, hehe!



One of the two new exhibits was this small climbing slide and climbing wall. A. was the very first to give it a try and as soon as he saw the helmet he wanted it on! J. had to follow suit, of course! They seriously look so very cute! As soon as we move to Colorado we will have to get them their own tiny helmets so we can all go wall climbing!! Hey, J.’ loves to climb anything!



We did not forget to stop at the vet to check on all the sick animals!! A. took care of a bunny who needed a routine check up and some shots. J. gave a kitty a bath and he also took care of a black puppy who needed some TLC.



The most revisited stop was the Theatre Stage where J. would play the drums or the xylophone. Boy has very good rhythm and sense of music. Always so serious….



A. seriously loved being on stage! He immediately ran for the microphone and sang the day away!! He sang his own made up song and danced like crazy. J. would join him every now and then but h preferred to run around whenever he was not drumming away.

I can totally picture A. being a star when he grows up. He loves attention, he loves music, singing and dancing. I can see it!


It was such an amazing day.
We are so looking forward to visiting Colorado’s Children’s Museum!

So what do you prefer: Zoo or Children’s Museum?




  • Emily Dang
    September 1, 2011

    Hi Sofia,

    Thank you so much for blogging about your trip to the Museum. Your pictures are so beautiful and they so wonderfully captured the fun and essence of the Museum . We would like to ask for your permission to use those pictures. Please email me back at edang@portlandcm.org.

    Emily Dang
    Marketing Assistant- Portland Children’s Museum

  • kristin
    September 1, 2011

    We love both!!!

    The Children’s Museum is a whole lot of fun though.