{Denver Bound} Oregon

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After much waiting, stress and frustration we finally embarked into a 2.5 day Denver bound road trip.

Last week was such a hassle. Pack, clean, sleep. Keep packing, keep cleaning and hope you got enough sleep.
We managed to have the house fully packed by Thursday evening…



Left Friday around 4am. We wanted to make the most of the day and were in a hurry to see out boys, so, why not go to sleep earlier and wake up early?!
So for the nest two days we’d be on the road: Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado.





Meet the Columbia Gorge at the break of Dawn.
It was such a beautiful view. The clouds had a faint tint of pink thanks to the sun rays that were just making their way towards the horizon.
I’ve been down that road before but never so early in the morning.


{I simply had to!! Not the best, but still fun!}



Of course we had to stop for the bare necessities for a road trip!!

The Funyons were Tyler’s…they are so salty and gross I only took a bite or two.
The whoppers and the Cheetos were mine!! I did share them though!!


What are your road trip snack necessities?!

Oh, feels good to be back! 😀



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  • Heather
    September 12, 2011

    Can’t travel without the frappuccino!! I miss those!! I think I’m gonna cheat and get myself one the next time I’m at the store! Have fun and be safe!!