I went rock climbing and learned…

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The very first thing we did when we got to Denver, and by this I mean the day after, Grandma took us to the coolest gym ever, Lifetime Fitness, and after our tour we signed up.

Tuesday we all went to the gym to go Rock Climbing. At first I was very excited about climbing. I remember being younger and repelling a huge rock back home. I didn;t climb it per se, we simply went all the way up through the cracks while supervised by adults. So when I was at the gym I thought I could do it with ease.

But, man, was I wrong.

Geared up and everything, I went up and thought I would be all the way to the top in no time.

The grips started getting harder to hold on to. I hit the spot where you had to decide whether to go left or right, so I took the right path…two grips latter I found myself half way up the wall and I didn’t know what to do.

I started panicing.

And then the biggest whoops, I looked down.

I found myself 7ft from the ground.

I froze.

Panic grew stronger.

Tyler and Grandma told me to keep going. That I could do it. But I simply replied with freaked out tone and an ‘I can’t’.

“Let go.”

Let go?! Seriously?! I was freaking out. I almost started crying. But then I heard a “you will be OK.”

So I trusted them. I closed my eyes and let go.

Once on the ground I couldn’t help it but cry. I was so shaky, so scared.

It was then that it hit me: I am scared of heights.

I tried that same run, which just so happened to be one of the hardest run at the gym, just one more time to prove to myself that I can handle my fear.

And I did. I went all the way up. I would have to stop and get myself together a few times but I did it. I went up 14 ft. By myself. All while freaking out.


Tuesday evening I learned a new thing about myself. But I didn’t let it define me.

Which would you say is your greatest fear? How have you beaten it?

  • gustosa giveaways
    September 15, 2011

    i love rock climbing and rappelling. I love when I am on top. it feels so great and calm

  • Heather
    September 15, 2011

    That is so cool! I loved rock climbing when I was a teenager. How are you settling into your new home?

    • Sofia
      September 15, 2011

      We are currently staying at my MIL’s and we’ll move into our new apartment on Sunday!! 😀

  • Elena
    September 16, 2011

    I know exactly how you felt! When I first tried rock climbing, I was completely intimidated by the high wall. My friend who was introducing me to the whole process sighed and said, “Let’ go upstairs!” Upstairs they had… smaller walls. So I had to practice on smaller walls first – with little kids! And then my fear gradually dissipated. So much of it is in your head, it is amazing! You can be totally proud of yourself for overcoming it!!!