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We’ve been in Colorado for almost a week now!! It doesn’t feel like home just yet. Right now we are crashing at Grandma’s house but will be moving into our own place this Sunday. Maybe then it will start feeling like home…

Anywhoo…these are our week in photos…and as you will be able to witness, I have fallen in love with Hipstamatic all over again!



This is what Parker, CO looks like on a moody day! I love the coloring on the sky…the plants are gorgeous. The climate is awesome. It was overcast the other day but still way better than Portland.

We still have to witness the thunderstorms we were promised…



On the 11th we headed to my sister in law’s place for dinner (which just so happened to be across the park!) and A. decided to ride his bike! My boys now how to ride a bike now!! And of course I have it on video and will be sharing it with all of you guys!!



J. was very happy to have mommy and daddy back!! Look at that huge smile of his!! And, well, he was also very happy about being allowed to walk on top of a half wall on our way to his auntie’s!



Colorado will be so much fun to take photos of!! There’s a chance we will be going to the Garden of the Gods today and to Boulder’s festival tomorrow!! Please, do expect tons of photos coming your way soon! Tee hee!




Do you have any plans for the weekend!?

  • Kayla
    September 16, 2011

    Awesome sky pics! I live in Oregon, and LOVE it! What made you move?! πŸ™‚

    • Sofia
      September 19, 2011

      The skies here in Parker are amazing!! You can actually see definition, not like the ones in Portland where you can’t even see them! Well…we moved because we got tired of the 300 overcast days a year…and we want snow!! πŸ˜€ Are we crazy?