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Halloween is creeping ’round the corner! 2011 has gone by so fast! I can’t believe it is almost October. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Wow.  But I digress…

Halloween will be here in a few weeks. I have always wanted to decorate my house for Halloween but never have gotten around it. Thankfully, Freckles Crafts is here to help us with the decor! Well, Freckles Crafts is more than decor crafts but the two crafts Rebecca sent my boys to review have already found their spooky spot in our new apartment!


{Halloween Boo Decoration $5.75}

We started our day with the Halloween sign. A. immediately decided that the base of the sign was to be painted purple and not blak. Being that art is art and what one sees and feels about a piece won’t necessarily be what others see and feel I let him go at it. A. painted a single layer and soon decided to move on to the eyes. Oh well…

This was when J. decided that he had to jump in on the action and paint some more! He loved it so much! Of course these two boys are super serious when they are concentrating, don’t you dare distract them or you’ll be in trouble!

While the paint dried we moved on to Marty the Monster. Once Marty was all put back together the boys finished the sign. I was so amazed about how well they worked together when they are usually pushing each other while fighting over a side on the table. They were so in touch with each other and so well coordinated I was dumbfounded.

{Marty the Monster $3.50}

Marty was both A. & J’s favorite craft. Of course they completely ignored the directions paper and designed a new and fun monster! This was their very first time using stick glue and let me tell you that this skill got mastered in an instant.

Both the boys joined in on the fun and I even got to help, yeah yeah! Once again, they both worked together pretty well.

I have always ment for my boys to have creativity outlets that do not involve toys (cars, blocks) but never quite got around it, except for painting and coloring books. I am very thankful to have found Freckles Crafts since they make crafts so easy to attain! Each of their crafts comes with all the materials you will need!

They also carry seasonal crafts: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. Freckles Crafts is better suited for kids 3 and up, but with the help of an adult little kids, like J (who’s turning 2 in November), will be able to join in the fun.

The prices are well worth it. And there’s no hassle of getting all the things you need since they are all there for you to use! Plus, you can always use the glue that comes with the crafts once you are done, tee hee! Huge score!

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