Oh, man!

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Well, I can not believe it is almost Thursday! Yikes…this past few days have been quite hectic. Today was my second day @ Hobby Lobby and so far, so good!

Today I rang $5200+ all by myself! Tee hee, I felt pretty cool. Maybe I wasn’t but whatever.

Days go by so fast. Before I even know it is 5 and I have to head back home. But the boys are not there…they’re at Grandma’s. I come back home to quietness. Though, one of the perks from living so close to work is that Tyler gets the chance to pick me up! 😀 And we walk back home…to a calm house.

These past two days we’ve had dinner over at Grandma’s house which means that by the time we get back home it is almost 9pm and I barely get a chance to get on the computer. Hey! A girl’s gotta hang out with her husband, right?!

So much going on. And I truly miss my boys. I feel I am missing out on so much! It is a bit sad. But this arrangement will be for a bit until we get back on our feet (moving 3 states away is quite expensive).

So if you guys notice that I am here less it is because of my new job and hanging out with my family. Not neglecting my blog, or you. Simply way too busy.

How do you manage your day with kids, husband, house, blog?

I could really do with some help!!


PS:It is said that it might start snowing in 3 weeks!! YEI!

  • Heather
    September 30, 2011

    I voted you up on the picket fence! Good luck with all you have going on. 🙂 The long road looks daunting, but sounds like this was a good move to be closer to family. 🙂

    • Sofia
      October 3, 2011

      Thanks for the vote!! 😀 And it was a long road…not only the moving but the waiting and hoping it would all work out…super stressing.
      How’s the baby doing?!