Garden of the Gods

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I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to show you guys my photos from our trip to Estes Park (and a few elk!)!! I guess that will have to come later into the week…

But today I want to share with you our trip to the Garden of the Gods for which we had to drive all the way to Colorado Springs. Not that far though, maybe like an hour drive?

{Garden of the Gods seen from above}

Of course I went all photo crazy…the rock formations are beyond beautiful and the day was clear enough to make for amazing pictures.

{Kinda looks like an elephant to me}

We parked on lot 12 and walked all the way to the garden. Of course mister J. was carried since sir still has tiny legs that go very slow…A walked most of the way. we were supposed to look for cool stones but he was so not interested we came back home with only 3, one found by grandma, one by me and one by him.

I don’t think J. was very excited about being there but he was more than happy to have a piggy back ride from dad! A. walked slowly, trying to not step on the horse poop which was all over the trail (eww)!  We were just 5 minutes into our walk but already having a blast!

After seeing mommy walk up a small rock A. had to do the same! He did so good!! But of course as soon as he made it to the top he was more than done and soon got down. Oh boys!

J. was more interested of playing with the sand like a true boy who loves to get dirty! Hmm…J likes to get dirt-dirty but not so much food-dirty. If little man has a tiny little bit of ketchup on his hands he completely freaks out!! But he sure loves to give himself dirty baths (like a true bird!).

Ty tried to climb a few of the rocks. After hearing that you can get fined for going up a rock with no permit he made the way down…but of course it didn’t stop him a few rocks later! This guy is getting so much into rock climbing it is quite fun. If only I wasn’t so scared of going up…or down I’d love to tag along! I guess I can always stay at the bottom having a picnic with the boys, right?

Of course the Garden of the Gods is not all about the red rocks. The views are amazing. The valleys are beautiful. There are trees everywhere and greenery abounds. There are hiking trails by the thousands. And dogs and horses are recommended!

If you’d like to see more photos from our trip make sure to visit my Facebook page!!


  • Christa Nolan
    October 2, 2011

    Very pretty.

  • Dor
    October 2, 2011

    Wow! You just made me want to go there, very deeply. Beautiful photos and family. You are blessed to have this place so close by. This is now on my list of places to go. 🙂