Portland, least manly city

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I couldn’t help but laugh when they said on the news that Portland is the least manly city in the Us. Made my research and found out that Portland ranks 47, just ahead of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, which ranked last.

The cities where ranked base on the number of sports teams, the number of tools sold, the number of hardware stores and how often there are monster truck rallies in said city. Points against? The number of furniture stores, subscription rates to beauty magazines and high minivan sales.

Just last week, Businessweek.com, names Portland the ‘unhappiest’ city! This based on the number of cloudy days (222), depression rates (ranked 12), suicide, murder and divorce rates as well.

Can we at least be number 1 on having the best doughnuts? VooDoo Doughnuts are really good!

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