Go figure…

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Of all the place you could ever take a nap at our place the boys chose:

…the balcony!

Huh?! Why the balcony?!

One thing was for sure, they thought they were very clever!

A. was the one who started it. He grabbed his pillow, blankie and T.D. (teddy). Soon J. followed by asking me to help him find a blanket.

I am daily amazed by the creativity, imagination and ingenuity of little genius minds!

  • Christa Nolan
    October 3, 2011

    Who wouldn’t want to sleep on that cool rug on the balcony?! Gotta love kids.

    • Sofia
      October 3, 2011

      I know!! I was invited to the nap party but there was no room for me!! 🙁