The Lion King

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It finally happened!! We got our very own copy of The Lion King!! Of course I was the one to be the most excited about this great milestone in our family…yeah, I am crazy, but it is no secret that The Lion King is, and will always be, my favorite movie of all time!!

I have never seen the movie in English before. But I know every single word to the movie in Spanish. I remember watching the movie as a child non stop! It got to the point where my younger sister and I would start reciting each line. To which my dad would respond with muting the movie and asking us if we want to narrate it. Of course we would stop, out loud. Tee hee!! We would still do it under our breath.



The Lion King brings such amazing memories…but this time it was like watching it for the very first time but through the eyes of my boys. J. was so into the movie I was, honestly, surprised. He would point and tell Scar to stop when he confronted Mufasa at the very beginning of the movie. Or getting all anxious when Mufasa dies and repeatedly yelling ‘down, down’. Or seeing A. curled up on a ball sniffing at this same scene. Or clapping at the end of the movie when it all gets green and ‘happy’ once more.

It felt like seeing it all over again. It was amazing getting to, finally, share my favorite movie with my family! Who would have thunk it was going to be this rewarding to see the movie once again!



Which is your favorite movie of all time!?




  • Christa nolan
    October 14, 2011

    I LOVE The Lion King! My best friend and I would watch the movie then make ourselves costumes and sing all the songs. I think our parents got a little sick of us putting on performances, lol. One of the best Disney movies ever! I also love Beauty and the Beast!

  • Giant Sis
    October 15, 2011

    We LOVE Lion King too!!! Last weekend, when we were driving around, Scott had the soundtrack playing in the car! He said “I bet we’re the only people in their 30’s without kids who are listening to this!” Probably true – and we were singing all the words too!