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Christmas is fast approaching and I have found myself thinking on what to get the boys this year. Last, they got a train table they barely used, a tool bench that was only utilized as a stepping stool. So this year we are finding it hard to come up with something they will actually use, more than once.

If you know exactly what I am talking about let me introduce you to B. Toys! A few weeks back I shared our excitement about the Okideoke, a wonderful microphone that lets the inner star of every child shine through. Today I want to introduce you to Spinaroos.

Spinaroos are fun and colorful bristle blocks that can be attached to each other to create anything little minds can imagine. The set comes with 75 blocks, with funny looking faces, legs, shapes, and more. Where do I store it all? Well, Spinaroos comes in its own lidless bin which I usually store under their train table in their room.

As soon as we received the Spinaroos the boys went nuts over them. There were no fights thanks to the vast amount of blocks which kept them both occupied on their very own creations.

J. has always been all about testing his architectural skills by building the tallest towers. He immediately gathered all the rectangles and set trail to his tower. Due to the small dimensions of the blocks (About half size of a MegaBlok) the tower was not very tall but he was still satisfied with his new accomplishment. Maybe it was all due to the fact that his tower did not come crumbling down!

A., on the other hand, gathered all the three legged pieces (3 in total) and put a patterned square Spinaroo on top and pretended that they were rockets! Sound effects included! He even invited me to join in on the fun, and so we ventured into Spinaroo space while running around the couch and holding our rockets as high as we could reach out.

Of course he also ventured onto building, his choice? A house. All funky looking but amazing house that had colorful blocks all over! It is a great feeling seeing my boys be creative and imaginative while they are having fun at it.

So for $47.95 you get 75 Spinaroos, a storage bin, silly faces, towers, houses, countless hours of fun, play, and learning as well as many hours of rocket flying!

…lest we forget the a super comfortable (?) stool to sit on as you sing along to your Okideoke! I’ve heard it is the best seat of the house!! It seriously couldn’t get any better!! Now, could it?

– GET IT –

Find the Spinaroos ($47.95) and many more B. Toys at a Barnes & Noble near you.


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