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So we took A to the modeling & talent agency that was promoting the photo contest. The lady, forgot her name, fell in love with A. and said he was highly marketable. She looked kinds weird. She caked on her makeup.

She went on and on about only 24 kids being chosen and that she was on her way to Dallas to talk to a load of talent agencies and blah, blah, blah. Catch was we had to pay $975! Yeap. My boy was one of the chosen on the photo contest. Up to what I know contests are free.

She also talked about a sponsorship for training when he turns 4 and how marketable he was (she repeated this over and over and over again).

We did not budge. We were not going to pay.

It was all a scam. They ask you to pay and promise the moon and stars and tons of work. But you might never hear back from them. You might be able to reach them some day and they’ll simply say there’s nothing available for your pumpkin.

It’s a shame how many scams are out there. After this experience I decided to educate myself about job scams. A great resource for this is TheLadders Scam Prevention site.

For all of you mommies out there who want your kids to enter the entertainment bizz: Agents do not charge you an up front fee. They get paid 10% of what you make. I honestly don’t know where to go or who to ask. Go to craigslist. There’s got to be tons of opportunities for commercials or extras in a movie that’ll be filmed in your town. Here in Portland we’ve got a few major movies being filmed, like The Burning Plains with Charlize Theron, or the infamous Twilight.

I’m pretty sure Ty is going to keep looking for opportunities for both him (yeah, he was already in a commercial and was given a role in an independent local film as a Mormon missionary, hehehe) and A. maybe even J would join in the fun!

I’ll keep you guys posted on whatever we learn from the Entertainment Bizz!

  • Mommy Kennedy
    August 15, 2010

    Good luck with everything! We considered these endevors with our kids; however, seems like there is too much scamming out there!

    Thanks for the follow. Following you back.

  • casey
    August 15, 2010

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I have to agree…I used to live in California and when I was in my late teens I was pursuing acting/modeling…I’m over that now…but, anyways, I found that sooooo many of the agents out there charge for a photo shoot or for a first session. One agent lady actually chewed me out on the phone when I told her that I heard I shouldn’t have to pay for up front fees for a legitimate agency. I know that a lot of people do pay to be a member of the SAG (screen actor’s guild) because that is essential for a lot of acting jobs…don’t know much more than that though. Good luck! Your little one is a super duper cutie!!

  • crinthia
    August 15, 2010

    definitely! I went to one of those when I was a teen trying to get into acting. And they told me the same speak only for modeling. I am 4”11 and I was chubby at the time so I looked at my mom an said let’s go. I was there for acting LOL

  • frompdxwithlove
    December 20, 2010

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