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We all know that washing your teeth at least twice a day is of upmost importance, specially for little people’s teeth. It is commonly known that, for some odd reason, our teeth can cause heart problems (yup, bad teeth will cause heart issues). I must say I am not the best when it comes to oral hygiene. I brush my teeth once a day and never floss. Never had, OK maybe a few times? But I still have not had anything done to my teeth (except for having to wear a retainer for a year). I guess I am lucky, or it could be due to my distaste of chewy candy and caramel. They like it so much that you can find them walking around the house brushing their teeth! We used to use the popular brand of toothpaste for kids but we soon switched to The Natural Dentist line of toothpaste and I must say we all love it! This does not mean my boys have strong teeth like mine. I still have to take the best care of my boys’ teeth. since not doing so can harm their adult teeth. Lucky for me, both my boys love to brush their teeth!!

The dentistry sent us a great pack full of oral care goodies, toothpaste and mouth wash to help us take care of our teeth! This is what we got:


  • Sensitivity. I have always had sensitive teeth. Eating a popsicle will hurt my upper teeth and I’ll make silly faces as if I had just eaten something sour. Thanks to this toothpaste my teeth feel so much better! I can bite into a popsicle with barely any pain. I guess I have to keep brushing my teeth with the sensitivity toothpaste so they don’t go back to their old selves.

Contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.*

  • Whitening. I love this toothpaste! Without using any bleach it helps you whiten your teeth. At first I was not so into the flavor since it is not as minty as strong as the other brands have. But I got to like it the more I used it. I have noticed that my teeth hurt way less than they used to (I alternate days between the sensitivity and the whitening toothpastes). I have noticed a change in shade on my teeth. They are not as white as when I used the whitening strips (which cause my gums to get sensitive) but there has been a change. My teeth look whiter and they might look even whiter if I would just stop drinking coffee!! Oh well, coffee wins!

Contains no peroxide or other harsh chemicals; and like all Natural Dentist toothpastes, does not use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).*

  • Kid’s Cavity Zapper. It comes in two flavors: Berry Blast and Groovy Grape. And the boys love, love, LOVE them!! I read that Birmingham Dental Specialists have suggested that, kids have their own tooth paste, seperate from their siblings and parents. This makes it more special to them, they take more responsibility for it. Knowing that, it’s only normal that they each have their very own toothpaste now! A. always brushes his teeth with the Berry Blast and would brush his teeth 3 times in a row if you let him! J., on the other hand, prefers to use the Groovy Grape.

An all-natural gel-like formulation delivers cavity zapping fluoride every time they brush.  No artificial dyes, sweeteners, or preservatives.*




  • Healthy White Pre-Wash. I don’t use it 100% of the time (like when I am running late) but it is awesome for pre-brushing with the whitening toothpaste. It is a great combo and works great (again, insert the fact that I like my morning coffee). I do not like the taste at all. It is a bit bitter and odd, but nothing too bad, it is just different (and natural). The taste is well worth the results!

Healthy White Pre-Brush Rinse uses a gentle non-abrasive bamboo silica to get your teeth whiter.*


  • Healthy Gums. I have never had irritated gums, except that one time I used the whitening strips for two weeks, they got sore, but besides that I must say that my gums are pretty healthy. This doesn’t mean that I can’t take precautions and this is what the Healthy Gums from The Natural Dentist does to me. The flavor is way better than the whitening pre-wash. This rinse comes in Peppermint Twist (the one I tried) and Orange Zest.

Healthy Gums has been subjected to numerous clinical studies and is considered effective treatment for serious conditions by periodontists and dentists.*


  • Cavity Zapper Fluoride Rinse. This mouth rinse was made specially for kids. We have never used it since it is a mouth rinse for kids 6 and up and my boys are still little. But I must say that I love the idea of a fluoride rinse that will help make my boys’ teeth stronger and cavity free.

ADA-accepted and recommended for children 6 years old and up.*



I must say that I love The Naturak Dentist. Their prices range from $6-$7.50, well worth the price. IF you are looking for a natural alternative to toothpaste and mouth rinses The Natural Dentist is the way to go.



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  • Erin
    December 4, 2011

    I’m always looking for new oral care products for my family!

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    December 4, 2011

    would you like to win this because I need to find a good oral care product for my family.

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    December 4, 2011

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    December 4, 2011

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    December 4, 2011

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  • Sue Bunting
    December 4, 2011

    #2 also entered Oransi Fridge Air Purifier {Review/Giveaway}

  • Jayme From WI
    December 5, 2011

    I would like to win this because I’m always looking for products that better fit my family’s needs.

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

  • Donna Fiorino
    December 6, 2011

    I would love to win this because I have been interested in trying the Natural Dentist products for some time now. I never realized how much bad stuff is actually in oral care products, so I’ve been trying to switch to a more natural approach.

  • tina page
    December 19, 2011

    i love using natural products…

  • Eryn
    December 20, 2011

    I would like to win this, because this year, I tackled my fear of the dentist & got through 17 years of dental work in 5 months. It was really, really hard, but I did it.

    I think it set a good example (or horrible reality check) for my kids about dental care. They’re super serious about brushing & using mouthwash now & I’d love for them to have natural products. I can’t believe what’s in some toothpastes.

    Thanks to you & the sponsor!

  • happi shopr
    December 20, 2011

    I’d love to win because it’s all natural so I know there are no harmful chemicals in it.

  • Barbara Hunt
    December 20, 2011

    Thanks for the great contest!