Rocking around the Christmas Tree!

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We are running late this year. Me barely being home has switched our whole dynamic. Instead of getting our tree Thanksgiving weekend we got it last weekend. And instead of decorating it right then, well, we did it last night! Sort of. We are still missing our yearly ornaments (and we still need to get this year’s). I guess I wil have to take all Sunday to finish decorating the house before my parents come visit (!!!).


This was J.’s first year helping out with the tree. Actually, it is their tree since we decided not to move any ornaments (you know how one spot gets heavily decorated, right!?). But he had so much fun!! He’d ask me to pick him up and he’d point to the exact spot where he wanted that ornament. Of course I had to hang it, but it still counts for him, right?

A. is such a pro though! He enjoyed being able to say where the ornaments where to go! He was the one who put a couple ornaments on the same branch. Tee hee…and he was very color coordinated. Blues with blues. Purples with purples. And all the candy canes where to be at reach level, of course!!

Our tree looks awesome! And the fact that the boys did all the decorating makes it that much more special.



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