Best gift ever

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I still  miss being around the boys all day long. It used to be nice. Yes, of course, I would go insane every now and then to the point where all I ever wanted to do was either not to leave my bed or to go hide in the coat closet and come out after the house is back to its quiet state.

A. is such a big boy now. His new thing is to help mommy “fold” the laundry, so after he was done with “his pile” (aka, his clothes) he ventured into block architecture. And soon he brought me a gift, the best gift ever! Little man made mommy her very own palace!!


Best Gift Ever

I don’t know if that was what he meant but I asked if it was a palace and he gave me the sweetest smile and greatest “Yes!”. Soon after he brought me building after building after building:

Best Gift Ever

Left, my palace; right, my tower.

Best Gift Ever

(Left to right)
Grandma’s house, my palace, my tower, my second tower, A’s laundry pile (folded).

Best Gift Ever

Soon after I even had a mansion with a huge window and gorgeous mountain views!

Best Gift Ever

At the end I had a complete small city that my little boy had built for me with tons of love.
Now this made it the very best gift ever!!


Which has been the best gift you’ve ever received?

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  • Heather
    January 26, 2012

    Ah!!! Well of course smiles from both of my boys and today I got quite a few from our new little one. 🙂 J likes helping mommy with laundry too. He likes to take his step stool and hit the button on the dryer for me. 🙂