And we are back!

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Long story short: we are back! Yeah, I guess the title explains enough, but, you see, we are indeed double-y back: back on the blog and back on Bellingham!

Yup, made the move from sunny Colorado to soggy North West.



We left the warmth of Denver. Left the amazing thunder storms (or at least we’ve heard they are so). We left a small apartment sandwiched between two floors. The people upstairs too loud to handle. The neighbors downstairs barely home but good people.

We left the prairie dogs  to live in their brown plains, and the bunnies to run around free (without Scratch trying to bite their ears off).

I left my job.


(via Joshua Alan Davis)


We have made it to Bellingham. We are finally back home. We are learning to accept the soggy grounds and overcast skies. Ty seems to be having some issues with the weather though. I hope they can soon come to terms.



We have traded great weather for family and friends. Yup, my family is still in Texas but they know they are more than welcome to visit (*wink, wink).



We have traded prairie dogs, bunnies and lost geese for squirrels and God knows what other amazing creatures. And to be quite honest I like squirrels more than prairie dogs (who tend to their own business and rarely make a sound) and bunnies (who poop everywhere, cute little fellas though).

I have traded my job for the best job in the world: full-time mommy!



Yup, I am back at being home with my boys. Early morning baths, choo-choo’s who run late all the time, car crashes that smash distracted fingers. Wrestling, unexpected attacks, and messy, boogery faces. Silly dances and high pitched notes. Missed being around my boys 28 hours a day.

Now that I have time to unwind and enjoy life I will be bringing the blog back. Oralie is joining in on the fun once more!

Of course, and typical me, there will be a change of look coming one of these days (waiting for the hubs to have a few hours to help me out). I will start by doing my late reviews and slowly will bring giveaways back.

I have been planning some additions to the blog, like recipes. I also want to start focusing on my photography a bit more. Still, I have to work on my editing skills which are solely based on downloaded actions, but it is something, right?

So bare with us as we jump back on track.

And may I say: Welcome back!


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  • Tasha
    May 1, 2012

    Welcome back! You were missed!