{Tutorial} Flying Cars

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Few of you might know that I am a sucker for cute illustrations and patterns. It might be due to my lack of drawing skills so I have to bask on the beauty of artists’ beautiful work.

Yesterday morning I felt like my MacBook’s desktop needed an up-do. More color. More spring. More me. This is how I came upon Non Dairy Diary.


Flying Cars

Her work is amazing! Super cute illustrations that I would love to see around my house (if I had full freedom to decorate at my heart’s will, which I do not have; boy are not too fond of cutesy things, you know). Her bunnies are the cutest things ever!

It was from her that we came upon her flying cars idea (which you can see here).

Flying Cars

After I announced our morning activity to the boys A. was all prepped up on our kitchen bar and J. couldn’t have cared any less…well, maybe, but he was way too busy talking to Toodles. Priorities!

A. soon embarked on to making tons of wings for his line of cars waiting for their new look. Our friend on the photo above was the very first to try the new look!

It was at this point when J. caught a glimpse of our cars and asked me to help him join in on the fun.

Flying Cars

Man did these two boys have fun! They laughed and made noises and enjoyed their new planes until the cars rode on the carpet which made the tape fall off…still fun times nonetheless!

Unlike our wings, the original idea was to use cereal boxes…but in a house hold where we prefer the store brand cereal (that comes in a plastic bag) we had no cardboard to use.

To get your template visit Non Dairy Diary and maybe send her some love? (She is French! Thought you should know…)

Do your cars fly?!

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