He is gone…

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I remember, when growing up, we constantly asked my parents for a puppy. Back then we lived in a small townhouse and there was no space for a puppy. We pestered my dad until he caved in and said that once we moved to a bigger house we would get our very own puppy. We stopped asking.

I was 13 when we bought a bigger house. My brother had his own room. And my sisters and I shared a room, the biggest in the house. And the reminder came: we want a dog, you promised. This is when we got our beautiful Kyra (RIP). She later on had puppies, 4 of them. We kept one, the runt of the litter: Kamchatka.

I remembered the fun times I had with my puppies when growing up. I have always wanted for my boys to have their own dog and learn the life lessons this brings. Almost 2 years ago we welcomed a new member to the clan, Scratch.



He was so thin and scared. He came from California, from a second chance shelter. He soon became part of our family. At first he would follow me everywhere. He would hide from the boys and only slept while they slept.

Few weeks after he started coming out of his shell. He’d bark here and there, but was never loud. Well, lately he didn’t mind letting his voice be heard. Even after being asked to keep it down he’d do a low growl while staring at us, trying to push it as far as he could. Silly boy.



Wow. He looks so grown up in this photo. All serious. Confident. Oh, my boy.

Unfortunately he is gone.

No he is not dead. Remember we moved back to the Pacific Northwest? Well, we can’t keep him anymore. We didn’t want to take him to the pound. We looked for someone to take him in, family and friends. And after so many days of searching he is now living with a foster parent who graciously took him in while my mother in law gets a house in Seattle.

So all in all this is not a sad story. Yeah, we miss him a lot. A. almost cried yesterday when I showed him a photo of Scratch sleeping on his bed. And yes, the house is quieter and less hairy. And there’s no one to jump at you when you come visit us. The house is a tad quieter (though my boys fill up the silence with the new keyboard A. got for his birthday).

We miss him, loads. But he is staying in the family and every time we’ll go to Seattle we’ll get to see him. He is still part of our family and will always be.



I hope to get to see him soon. I wonder what he will do when he sees us again…


  • Cheryl
    June 12, 2012

    I’m sure he misses you guys as well! It’s great that you could find him a great place to stay.

    • Sofia
      June 13, 2012

      He is currently visiting for a few days and he is a bit upset with me 🙁