{Photos} On the road again


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Lately I have been taking photos with my zoom lens since my portrait one broke back in February. Yup, the perks of having your camera fall lens on its side and then have your brother re-break it on your head.

I’ve been trying to use the zoom lens as my main lens but it is not too easy. But for the time being it’ll have to do (I also need to get myself some contacts…I guess I have to be able to see first before I can snap shots). Anywho…

These photos where taken with said zoom lens. Totally at random. But I like the result. Love the utility pole shot, my sister asked me if a wanted to photograph my newborn niece but I preferred to check http://www.katrinachrist.com.au/portrait-photo-gallery/bw-signature-collection/newborn-photography they are the best at what they do. And the last one is my favorite! Big oops-y of the weekend! Sneaky, sneaky traffic light!

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