Things I learned this week

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  • If I didn’t know better I’d say that Scratch is my mother in law’s and not mine. Mister follows her everywhere she goes!
  • Jumping in the bath tub is apparently very fun…until mommy asks you to step out of the tub for not listening.
  • You can substitute oil for baking with applesauce….of course I have no applesauce, argh.
  • Coloring inside the lines is frustrating.

Stop and smell the flowers

  • We often forget to stop and smell the roses (tulips in this case). And it is extremely annoying when mommy asks you to do so for photographic purposes.
  • My eyesight is getting worse….when is someone considered legally blind?


Wasps are scary


  • Wasps are scary…specially because daddy is allergic to them!
  • The insect depicted above is not a wasp but a yellow jacket…
  • My older sister is getting married!! Sweden, here we come!!


Sleeping Dandelions


  • Sleeping dandelions are to be taken seriously. You don’t want to wake them up, they might bite your ankles! (Or so I was told by my now 4 year old boy!)


Best spot to nap


  • J. has found the perfect spot in the house to nap! Where? Right under the table we have on the entry way! Oh silly boy.


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