Kudu Fridge Magnets {Giveaway} -CLOSED

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Congratulations to D. SCHMIDT!

Whenever people decorate their house walls, floors, and surfaces are usually the focus point of their decor efforts. How do I know this? Well, I am part of said group. I, many many more, tend to focus more on the walls than anything else leaving other surfaces bare and boring.


This was so until I came upon Kudu Magnets. And let me tell you, their idea is genius! Kudu Magnets are ginormous magnets for your fridge! And their designs are far from lame.

Kudu Magnets are huge panels that cover the entire front of your fridge. No more little tiny magnets that end up under or behind the fridge, covered in grime and dust. Oh, no. Kudu Magnets is the real deal!

Thanks to them your fridge will be the center of attention of your parties, maybe even of the entire neighborhood! Hey, you never know.

And to show you how awesome they are, From PDX with Love and Kudu Magnets are bringing you a great opportunity for one of you lucky guys to win your very own fridge magnet!

– GET IT –

Head on over to Kudu Magnets and create your very own fridge magnet!!
Magnets start @  $30 for a small magnets, $65 for a mini fridge, and $125 for a large fridge.


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One (1) lucky reader of From PDX with Love will win their very own Kudu Magnet!


This giveaway will be starting May 24, 2012 @ 9am PST.

One answer per day per person/household.
I will be checking for IP addresses, so no need to try to be sneaky.

You must be 18 years or older.


Starting tomorrow, I will be unveiling the image above.
You must visit Kudu Magnet and look for the correct magnet in the image.
Please, leave a link and/or full name of the magnet.

No following, no liking. Just answer correctly.
If nobody guessed on May 24th,  you will get a second chance on the 25th, and so on until someone gets it correctly.

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