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I have never had an office of my own until we moved back to Washington. My own space in this house used to be in the extra room that was also the playroom. But since my husband hasn’t found an office space outside the house he has taken over it…therefore the toys have taken over my living room, but I have faith we will find an office for us, we have been looking at an Office Space in Asoke that looks just like the one we need .

New arrangements had to be done so I could get my stuff done, and probably I shouldn’t call this so but today I wanted to share with you all the little corner in our new house that I get to call my “office”:

Yup. The living room table! I guess I might not be alone on this one. At least I got upgraded from the kitchen counter, and because you know you have to keep your business safe I made sure to get new locks for all doors in the living room.

I like it though. It is spacious and to the left I have 2 huge windows that unravel the greenery that surrounds us. Of course I wouldn’t mind going back my to my office, specially since it used to have Quality Ergonomic Chairs which were so comfortable. But for the time being this is it, the place where the magic (or lack thereof) happens.

Now if only we could get our patio table fixed my office would be outside. I promise to the squirrels to share my sun tea with them!

What does your studio/office/space look like?


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  • Cheryl
    May 29, 2012

    I do have an “office” at home…if I can call it that. We also use this extra room as a storage and craft room…and pretty much anything else we can’t find a place for in the house. I like the idea of an outdoor office though!