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Our family fashion style is on the relaxed side of the scale. We honestly could live in our pajamas all day. No wonder J.’s favorite pants are sweatpants and A.’s are his new black/neon yellow shorts. We are all about comfort.  A. loves to wear his Hawaiian print swimming trunks with colorful stripped shirts and J. loves to wear his snow boots everywhere (not exaggerating).

I am always looking for clothes for my two boys. They grow up like weeds!! Even though I always focus on comfort I also make sure their clothes are stylish.

Relaxed. Comfortable. Yet stylish.

Baby Eggi

Relaxed and comfortable is easy to find…but they don’t always come in hand with style. And this is where Baby Eggi comes to the rescue!

Every item in the Baby Eggi collections are comfortable and stylish. Their clothes are timeless and simple yet hip and modern. But this is not what Baby Eggi is all about. They are also all about helping others. With every purchase costumers are able to support a non-profit organization. 20% of every single purchase is donated and used to help children’s charities.

So not only do you get style and comfort but a huge smile whenever you buy Baby Eggi!

Brotherly love in style

We got the opportunity of reviewing two Eggi Kids shirts {Slouch Polo & Henley}. As soon as they came in the mail A. was all about wearing it in that very instant. Of course I had to hold back since we were about to venture into cookie baking and these two tend to cover themselves with cookie dough and wipe their faces off with their clothes.

But I sort of cheated that day…I had to touch see the shirts. I must confess that as soon as I grabbed those two shirts I wished they came in my size! They are so soft, lightweight and high quality! They are perfect for a hot summer day where all you want to do is run around a field like crazy! (At least that’s what I would do!)

Baby Eggi

A’s excitement was short lived. He doesn’t like to wear the shirt….at all!! I had to beg him (see the behind the scenes) to wear the shirt, hence the orange Broncos undershirt on the shots. But, as you can see by the photo above, J. loved his new shirt…and maybe he was also poking fun on his brother!!

Baby Eggi Slouch Polo

The slouch polo is super cute!! There are so many things I love about this shirt:

  • It is machine washable (yei!!)
  • It does not shrink. (I am a shrinking pro!)
  • It is not hand washable or dry cleaners only
  • I don’t have to iron it!! (Irons and I just do not go together)
  • Plus it looks simply adorable (even on top of that orange shirt!)


Baby Eggi Polo Shirt

My only con, and not Baby Eggi’s fault, is the fact that my dear son just wouldn’t wear it! Look at the photo! He looks so upset. Every time he sees it he just walks away from me saying “no, no, no”. Makes me wonder what he has against it! I’d wear it!


Baby Eggi Henley

J. was easy going. He likes his shirt. On a chilly day he wouldn’t wear it since he prefers long sleeved shirts (he also rarely does shorts) but he was all about wearing his new Henley shirt that day.

He got a size 3T which in my opinion could also fit my oldest (who just turned 4 and looks like he could be 5)…but of course he decided not to let me proof my theory.

trucks at the park

Even though the shirt was almost all the way down to his knees he looks so cute and stylish! I am not a laundry pro and I thought this one would for sure shrink but it (thankfully) did not…so I guess this will be a Henley for years!!

Oh, and it washes great!! The day the photos where taken he decided to drench his shirt in raspberry jam and it washed off. All. Of. It! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the mess but left my laundry room with a huge sigh after it washed.

J at the park

{J. looking for a long lost bark cake}

I’ll have to make sure A. gives his new polo a try. He might like it after all! You never know unless you try it, at least, once, right?

So conclusion, Baby Eggi is a great company that offers clothes that are comfortable, high quality, and stylish. Plus knowing that by buying Baby Eggi you are helping children in need is just simply amazing.

– GET IT –

Find Baby Eggi’s Slouch Polo ($60) and Henley shirt ($60) online or at a retailer near you.

Remember that 20% of every purchase goes to a children’s non-profit charity


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Disclosure: This was not a paid post. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the Hosting Company who graciously provided the product for me to review.

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