Look before you leap {#NaBloPoMo}


I confess. I am not a planner. I really can’t remember a moment in my life that I planned. There have been instances that I tried to plan but never ended happening (like making plans to go with my boyfriend to the mall which he then forgot). Because of these I decided that plans and I did not mix. We just can’t coexist in the same room.

It might not be the best way to go around life. At times I bite more than I can chew and I curse to myself and get all stressed out and frustrated. But that is how me, myself, and I work. I am spontaneous and sometimes it comes and bites me on the butt. And I wouldn’t change it.

The one thing I should work on is thinking before I speak. There have been times where I forget to look before my tongue leaps. And then it comes back to kick me on the butt one more time.

I am a spontaneous procrastinator!


How about you? Do you look before you leap?


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  • Valerie Stayton
    June 9, 2012

    I wish I could be a planner and I try to be but with our lifestyle it’s typically impossible. My husband is an owner-operator (trucker that owns his own truck) and with that we never know when he is coming or going. Since I never know when he will be around Its impossible for me to set things in stone because if he is home plans change. We aren’t going to go do things we would if he’s not here because we spend time with him while he is home so all plans change so instead of cancelling on people I just let them know up front we would love to do ____ but I can’t let you know for positively sure until a day or so before hand. 😛